Located in Le Marin, Cap Ferré is one of the great wild beaches along the southern Atlantic coast of Martinique. The Atlantic facade is especially known for its turquoise water and its coral reef which extends on nearly 25 kilometers long. A hiker friend of mine had strongly advised me to go there and... one day when the weather conditions were optimal, we decided to go there.

After a good half-hour walk, we are rewarded by this heart-shaped crevice that had been dug in the stone over the years. This heart in the stone is of imperfect form, I grant you, but does not leave indifferent. I had a natural window in front of me, which offered a view on the tumultuous waves of Cap Ferré and the infinite horizon. In this magical place, the Sky, the Earth and the Sea offer an astonishing spectacle to those who know how to position themselves. Because it is still necessary to know how to capture this image: a few meters too far to the left or to the right and the Heart in the Stone threatens to disappear for another shape. I had to keep the right angle to retranscribe this heart in its most perfect form. The contemplation of this work of the great nature questions our deepest self... Isn't reaching harmony and love linked to our position in front of the events and conditions of existence, conditions sometimes as hard as stones ?

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